New IRC Network Chosen - Abjects

After many a discussion with Amp, cisc0ninja and other members of SX a new IRC network has finally been decided on. As mentioned in a previous news post, we used to be on axenet and that really seemed to work better than running our own server. Durandal thought we needed our own server so we went with that up until now. The decision to move to this network was heavily influenced by our friends over at Surfboard Hacker ( Everything was finalized today and DNS changes have been made. The web IRC client has been updated (although currently without HTTPS). HTTPS (SSL) will return soon although it will most likely be available for every part of this site rather than just the web IRC. Look for more information on this in the future.

The new irc information is as follows:
normal IRC - port 6667 channel #soldierx
SSL IRC - port 7005 channel #soldierx
web IRC -

Unfortunately the current nickserv is not being moved over so everybody will have to re-register their nicks. Sorry for this inconvenience but we believe that this network shift will be very beneficial for our community. A special thanks to devDelay and cisc0ninja for helping to make this change be a smooth transition.