Old school hackers request HDB changes

We were recently contacted by both Supernigger and Taran King to remove the listings of their last names from the HDB. After some thought, I decided that this was a legitimate request and performed it. We would like for anybody on the HDB to know that we will gladly remove last names if needed. You simply need to contact me and provide a means for me to verify your identity. We hope that we're not upsetting anybody with the HDB, as it is just a means to talk about many of the people and stories that seem to have been forgotten. It was pleasant to find out that both Supernigger of MOD and Taran King of Phrack supported the idea of the HDB and weren't angry about it. Supernigger actually commented that it brought back memories and told us some interesting stories of things that went on in the days of MOD.

In other news Origin has been helping with the design of a new theme for the site. The current theme is not what was originally envisioned, so Origin is helping to bring the original idea to life. The books section has been under development and I have been working with Amp on some tutorials. Preparation for the Defcon speech is continuing and we are very excited about the increase of traffic and interest to SOLDIERX. We truly believe that 2008 will be the year of our comeback.