Plethora of News

I have many updates today for everybody involved with SOLDIERX. We are now testing our new server, A very special thanks to Zerash (zee) and Ocyrus for making this happen! Thanks a bunch guys, we really owe you.

Durandal is now officially back from vacation and online. Contrary to the rumors, he did *NOT* get party vanned. He's working hard to get everything organized for the return of SOLDIERX. I know that it's been slow and painful, but it seems to finally be coming together. Durandal will be speaking with Blake at Defcon 16 about vulnerabilities in cable modems. For more information, please see

Lloth has informed us that he is working on a new template for the web interface. I will be doing the graphics of course, but he will be improving upon the content and current layout. If you want to help out, please contact him in our IRC channel.

Enhale, a former member of SOLDIERX, will be rejoining the group within a few weeks. He has been busy working on VoIP and other technologies that will be of great use for us! He already plans to assist in the return of SX Radio as well as providing bandwidth and servers for the SX Call Bridge. More information on this in the near future.

There are some of the old books back online at
Please let us know if you have any requests for new titles to be put up here.

Thanks to some programming work that came in for the higher ups in SOLDIERX, we've been able to put a new server into our current budget. A picture of it is below. It's got eight processors, six 15,000 rpm fibre channel drives, 64 GB of ram, and 3 redundant power supplies. Pretty cool eh?