Proxies, VIP, Upgrades, IRC, and DDoS

Sorry for the lack of mainstream news updates, we've all been hard at work behind the scenes. First off, we have been working on a new proxies section of the site that you can preview here. We've also got some special VIP updates coming out late this week or early next week. As far as site upgrades go, we've almost rebuilt all of our scripts for detecting various attacks and unwanted visitors. Expect the return of fed logs (.mil/.gov/etc) soon Smile As part of the upgrades, we're also upgrading our SAS card due to some unforeseen read/write cache issues based on our architecture not being x86/x64. Much of the crew has been making a point to be in the IRC room from 8-5 CST, so please join us. Last but not least, we've been under a great deal of DDoS and have thus rolled out yet another automated system to help combat the script kiddies. If you happen to get a 403 error, please contact RaT or wait 10 minutes and you will be automatically unbanned.