The Return of Web IRC

I have finally gotten around to moving the old SX Web IRC files from the argos archives to our current webserver, shinra. After tinkering around with it last night, it is now ready for testing. Please check it out by going to it at either of these links - Encrypted or Unencrypted. Keep in mind that for security purposes, you are still better off using an IRC client that supports encryption. The back end of the SX Web IRC client is still connecting unencrypted to our current IRC server. I plan to get this fixed sometime this weekend. For those of you who may be confused about what I am saying regarding encryption, here is a short explanation:
Your computer <-(a)-> SX Web Server <-(b)-> SX IRC Server
(a) currently gives you the choice of encryption or no encryption via ssl
(b) currently unencrypted, will always be encrypted in the future

In order to have a better security, both (a) and (b) need to be encrypted. As stated previously, I will try to get this issue fixed this weekend.