SOLDIERX to start Disciples of 0day religious entity

Throughout the years, we have had a number of people ask us where we stood on religion. With religion being a hot topic in the news lately, we've been pushed more and more on our stance. This has prompted a couple of us here to actually think about it and come to a conclusion that the closest thing to religion that many of us have is through our work. If we gave that answer to somebody though, they wouldn't consider it valid. Well.... until now.

In accordance with the recently passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana, we have decided to file the appropriate paperwork with the state to create the Disciples of 0day Inc. which will be an organization which worships by furthering our knowledge and understanding with technology. Also, due to how the RFRA works in Indiana, some aspects of the DMCA cannot be enforced against active members due how it conflicts and potentially discriminates against our religious practices.

Our primary doctrine is to further your knowledge and understanding in various aspects of technology which will include hardware modification, bypassing unnecessary protection on privately owned hardware, understanding exploits, and creating effective proofs of concept for exploits. As for who can join, our organization will welcome anybody regardless of race, gender, and/or sexual orientation as we feel all would benefit from our doctrine.

So if you worship the almighty 0day, please reach out to us and join the Disciples of 0day today! Attached to this post are a few motivational pictures (including our new church logo).