Script Kiddie "StigeX" Banned For Lame Attacks

Just a heads up to people out there, launching script kiddie attacks against SOLDIERX is not allowed. Our sensors went off that we were being hit with a large number of web based attacks from Looking into this further, it was determined that StigeX ( [email protected] ) was attempting to attack us using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner. Apparently he was mad about a post that was deleted in the forums, so lame. He should have at least put some effort into masking his IP. I guess he didn't read any of the tutorials on our site.

StigeX has been banned and his ISP has been informed of his lame actions. Let this be a reminder to all future attackers that these kind of attacks are frowned upon here. If you want to impress us, hit us with some 0day Wink