Shinobi Announces Presidential Campaign!

We here at SoldierX usually don't get involved in politics and with good reason. Typically, we have seen that such an involvement could harm our bottom line which is the primary reason. However, this election cycle has been anything but normal to say the least. After watching the primaries unfold, our very own Shinobi has decided that he has had enough and has announced that he will be running for the President of the United States of America.

When asked about his platform, his response was telling about the situation he feels our country is in, and his rhetoric was relentless. "Our country is dealing with a giant mess due to numerous failures to address pivotal issues within the last twenty five years due to party lines, and it's time to end this crap." which is a sentiment shared amongst many amongst the crew. His adoption of the slogans "With Jews You Lose" and "Let's Dump Trump" however is a controversial one. When asked about his choice of slogans, Jewish crew member RaT stated that he didn't approve of the message, but he approves of Shinobi. The most controversial aspect of his campaign is his plan after inaguration, in which he will reportedly defecate on the desks of numerous heads of federal agencies including, but not limited to the NSA, FBI, FDA, USDA, VA, DOJ, DOE, and Department of Homeland Security as he feels that they are in part responsible for the mess the country is in and they should have to deal with their share of the mess.