Shinobi Now an Inductee, Looking For Recruits

I'm happy to announce that after months of operations work (and other tasks), Shinobi has been promoted to inductee. He's now moving to get our group reorganized and restructured for maximum efficiency. We're now out of recruits (again), so we're looking for talented individuals to apply Wink. As mentioned in the FAQ, if you are serious about joining SOLDIERX, you should have at least 5-10 hours of time to give to the group each week. The first step in becoming a member is to become a recruit. In order to become a recruit you need to email the following information to RaT:
Contact Information (AIM, yahoo, etc):
Skills (reverse engineering, writing, programming, etc):
Hours Available:
Why You Want To Join SOLDIERX:
What You Will Do For Your First Project: