Shinobi Promoted to Crew, IRC Meetings Resume Today

The first announcement is fairly big since we haven't let anybody into our crew since November 15, 2012. It is with great honor that I would like to announce the High Council's decision to promote Shinobi to the status of full crew member of SOLDIERX. Shinobi is now the head of Operations for all of SX (essentially what I've been doing all of these years). As with all members promoted to the status of full crew, we hope that Shinobi will continue his efforts and show the same enthusiasm and workmanship that he showed during his inductee status. Congratulations!

After two weeks of no IRC meetings due to the holidays, our weekly meetings will resume today. As with our last IRC meeting, we will have it from noon to one (12:00-13:00) EST and then again at nine to ten (21:00-22:00) EST. We're having two time slots in hopes that everybody who wants to attend will be able to make one of the sessions. Hope to see you all there!