Site Release Information

I would like to start out by welcoming everybody to the new site. I'm glad that we're back publicly, but I am not so happy about the new site so far. For this reason, I posted on the main index that this is a test of our new site, since I don't feel that it's currently where it needs to be. Please cut me some slack on any misspellings and grammatical errors that exist in this post - I have been up for most of the weekend and am slightly incoherent at the moment.

Many of you who have been waiting for our public return are probably wondering why the site isn't as amazing as it has been in the past. The main reason is that I haven't been as involved as I normally have been. I've been doing research in exploit development and working a full time job. I've also been trying to meet with various people and get this group rebuilt to its former glory. This month has been particularly rough, with cisc0ninja getting married and Durandal becoming sidetracked for the majority of this month. We also had EPiC die on April 1st, which not only caused work stoppage - but has also seemed to change Kyle Browning for the worse. I hope that he can recover from this tragic event, but he has not been the same since it happened.

So what is this release? This release is an attempt to show everybody what SOLDIERX has been working on and trying to build. Many areas are missing /incomplete, but we decided to open the doors on the 20th since we said that we would. Please join us on IRC to discuss things you'd like to see added to the site, or any problems that you might find on the site.

Try not to get too attached to the theme, it's just something temporary that I threw together to make the site look somewhat presentable for release. If you haven't noticed yet, much of the content doesn't display properly in it. Expect many changes to happen on a daily basis, so please keep visiting our site ^_^