Transition to New Server Complete

Our site is now completely on the new server (formerly as you may have noticed. We removed the main page that had the large SX logo because we now feel the site is working well enough to put it as the main page. Amp has been kicking ass on the HDB, Origin has been working on the engine for the new theme, and I have been working through archives and future content. The books section ( ) is temporarily offline due to the switching of servers. This content is being uploaded to the current server as I type this. We are aware of some sporadic issues going on with the web IRC client. This is actually the result of some private work going on with argos. If you're a member of SOLDIERX and you're unaware of what I'm talking about, please contact me privately.

We could use some new members to help increase our content, so please come talk to us in the IRC if you're interested. Check back soon for more updates. I'll add a comment to this news post when the books section is back up - as well as the updates with argos.