Tutorial Contest - From 08/29/2008 until 12/01/2008

We just received a $100 donation from nigger_from_the_mother_country to have a tutorial contest. The contest starts today and ends on December 1, 2008. There is no set number or winners or definite prizes other than SOLDIERX shirts so far. nigger_from_the_mother_country said that he wanted one SOLDIERX shirt and he wanted one SOLDIERX shirt to go to whoever writes the best tutorial. I felt like having a contest with only one winner does not seem to be all that exciting, so the contest will have multiple winners. Please submit your tutorials to rat[at]soldierx.com or contact me on AIM (my email address is my screen name). More details will follow, please share your ideas for prizes on the SOLDIERX forums. We believe that information should be free but sometimes it helps to provide money/prizes to increase the amount of free information.