We Need Content! New Operating System Tutorial on the Horizon

My biggest complaint with the new soldierx.com so far is the lack of a substantial amount of content. I see that there are new areas and I really dig the new framework, but I still see there is little content for people to read and learn from. I am going to be compiling information as rapidly as I can and adding it to this site in the tutorials section. My first tutorial will be over Operating Systems and will be a focus on Operating Systems from a computer science standpoint. It's not going to be a "how do I copy files" but more of an understanding of how operating systems work. I'm not sure how many parts it will be, but I hope to release the first part this weekend. I encourage everybody to submit as much content as they can to the site in order to help the spread of information.

Much of my information will be compiled, which means that I will be data mining from many references and putting the information together. In a way I am authoring it and in a way I'm not. Of course I will give credit to my references Smile

Please make requests for certain guides/content on the requests area of the forums. We do look at that section.