Agent Steal

This tool was written as an apology to Geek Squad for cracking their MRI.

This application is designed to look like an antivirus scanner (with whatever name you want to give it).
While it appears to be scanning, it is actually copying the files of type and size that you specified
in the settings. Please see the settings area of this program before you run it! It is designed to
be ran from an external drive. It will *NOT* copy files from the drive that it is run on. This means
if you run it from the C:/ drive it's not going to copy any files from the C:/ drive. This is so you're
not making copies of your own files from your usb drive when you run it on a victim's PC.

Scan copies the files, repair tells you how many were copied. The pi symbol will run the password stealing add-on pack. Scan will also run this pack if you have it enabled in the settings.

Please post feedback in the forums - we especially are looking forward to reading feedback from Geek Squad employees who are using our tool for their nefarious deeds.

Please post your feedback at

*NOTE* is available for testing in the VIP area.
If you are VIP and have, you can report bugs over at

Future Plans: 
Custom script launch.
Additional addon packs.