VIP Server

VIP Server is back up!
The VIP server is currently located at The system is running Debian Linux. Please contact RaT with your requested username and password to get access to the server. Accounts are generally created within 24 hours of a request on Monday through Friday.

All requests for access that do not include a username and password will be ignored.

You will receive a confirmation email when the account is created. Your email address will be [email protected], so for example [email protected] is my VIP email address. Mail inboxes are currently limited to 500 MB.

The following services are currently offered:

Email (unix mail and mutt clients)
Web Space ( for example)
SSH Shell Access

There are many tools installed including gcc, g++, perl, python, irssi, silc, gpg, wget, nmap, etc. If there is a tool that you need installed on there, please contact RaT. Reasonable tool requests will be honored, but keep in mind some tools (such as torrent software) will not be installed on this server.