DECAF is a counter intelligence tool specifically created around the obstruction of the well known Microsoft product COFEE used by law enforcement around the world.

DECAF provides real-time monitoring for COFEE signatures on USB devices and running applications. Upon finding the presence of COFEE, DECAF performs numerous user-defined processes; including COFEE log clearing, ejecting USB devices, drive-by dropper, and an extensive list of Lockdown Mode settings. The Lockdown mode gives the user an automated approach to locking down the machine at the first sign of unusual law enforcement activity.

DECAF is highly configurable giving the user complete control to on-the-fly scenarios. In a moments notice, almost every piece of hardware can be disabled and pre-defined files can be deleted in the background. DECAF also gives the user an opportunity to simulate COFEE's presence by sending the application into a 'Spill the cofee' type mode. Simulation gives the user an opportunity to test his or her configuration before going live.

Future versions will have text message and email triggers so in case the computer needs to enter into lockdown mode the user can do it remotely. It will also have notification services where in the case of an emergency, someone can be notified (private torrent tracker admins). DECAF's next release is going to be available in a more light-weight version and/or a windows service.

Installation Instructions
Step 1: Download and extract
Step 2: Download and extract devcon.exe
Step 3: Move devcon.exe (for your environment i386 or ia64) into decaf directory