Extract Internal Metadata from Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF Files It’s no secret that many document types can contain metadata that can reveal a wealth of information. This data can reveal information about the history, usage, authors, and contributors of a document. This data can be a great source of information for your investigation. MetaExtractor can retrieve this information in bulk against thousands of documents in minutes.

New: Support for OpenOffice files
New: Support for parsing SolidWorks CAD Drawings
Native file parsing (does not require Office or Acrobat to be installed)
Support for Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 file formats
Support for Adobe PDF documents
Can recursively parse a folder (and subfolders) of files
Multi-Select individual files
Exports to CSV for easy analysis and reporting
GUI supports Date/Time sorting for quick review
Support for over 40 metadata fields
Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0
Free for both personal and commercial use