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Auto_Exploit is a replacement plugin for Metasploit's missing db_autopwn module written by Dark Operator.


JSwat is a graphical Java debugger front-end, written to use the Java Platform Debugger Architecture and based on the NetBeans Platform. JSwat is open-source software and is freely available in both binary and source code form. Its features include sophisticated breakpoints; colorized source code display with code navigator; movable display panels showing threads, call stack, visible variables, and loaded classes; command interface for more advanced features; and Java-like expression evaluation, including method invocation.


A tool for parsing MS-CHAPv2 handshakes, which can then be submitted to CloudCracker for cracking.


knockknock is a simple, secure, and stealthy port knocking implementation that does not use libpcap or bind to a socket interface.


tortunnel is a partial Onion Proxy implementation designed for building single-hop circuits through Tor exit nodes.


An Android application and corresponding PAM module that provide SecureID style two-factor authentication without the use of specialized hardware or the hassle of setting up special authentication services.


A small Linux app that, when run, makes your machine appear to be anywhere you specify on the internet.


A python based tool that automates several different types of attacks including Metasploit’s Autopwn and SQL Injection


ProxyTunnel is a program that connects stdin and stdout to a server somewhere on the network, through a standard HTTPS proxy. We mostly use it to tunnel SSH sessions through HTTP(S) proxies, allowing us to do many things that wouldn't be possible without ProxyTunnel.


Tcpreplay is a suite of BSD GPLv3 licensed tools written by Aaron Turner for UNIX (and Win32 under Cygwin) operating systems which gives you the ability to use previously captured traffic in libpcap format to test a variety of network devices. It allows you to classify traffic as client or server, rewrite Layer 2, 3 and 4 headers and finally replay the traffic back onto the network and through other devices such as switches, routers, firewalls, NIDS and IPS's. Tcpreplay supports both single and dual NIC modes for testing both sniffing and inline devices.

Tcpreplay is used by numerous firewall, IDS, IPS and other networking vendors, enterprises, universities, labs and open source projects.

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