Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET)

Social-Engineer Toolkit, or SET, was designed by David Kennedy (ReL1K) with the intent of automating the social engineering aspect of penetration testing. With a very easy to use menu driven interface, SET will assist you in establishing remote command execution shells with those who fall victim to your phishing campaigns. Those familiar with Fast-Track, another project that David Kennedy (ReL1K) is a primary contributor to, will notice a very similar feel between the two programs. This was intentional as SET is now included as a module within Fast-Track. Those with Fast-Track already installed need only use the "Update Everything" menu option in order to automatically obtain a copy of SET.

Considerably more information pertaining to the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) can be obtained at the following address:

Current Version (at time of writing): Version 0.3

To download & obtain a copy of SET:
#svn co

*Note: If you installed via Fast-Track's "Update Everything" menu option and you are wondering where it copied the files..
#cd /pentest/exploits/set

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