Compilers and Interpreters for programming languages


Convert SWF to FLA within seconds! Flash Decompiler Trillix is the only application capable of converting SWF to FLA with high speed, high quality and hundreds of additional features. It is the ultimate tool to recover your lost FLA files - being the market leader since 2003! Decompile SWF files and obtain source code FLA in seconds. It supports batch conversion, so you can leave a bunch of different tasks to it and do any other things while our application is working.


Powershell for pentesting


JAD is a java decompiler that was developed many years ago, the creators site is no longer accessible but I found a mirror Wink.

Bloodshed IDE

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language.

Intel C++ Compiler

Intel® C++ Compiler offers support for creating multi-threaded applications. Only the Professional Edition offers the breadth of advanced optimization, multi-threading, and processor support that includes automatic processor dispatch, vectorization, auto-parallelization, OpenMP*, data prefetching, and loop unrolling, along with highly optimized C++ templates for parallelism, math processing, and multimedia libraries.

Visual Studio 2008

A development environment, and programmers best friend when it comes to designing windows applications. A little pricey, but free for academic use under the MSDNAA.

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