chatspace modding tutorial


well before we begin we need a few tools to mod a chatspace irc chat server.

first you need Restorator 2007.
second any img manipulation software even paint works.
and you need chatspace to be installed on you computer or server.

first you open Restorator 2007 and locate you chatspace.exe

most systems its located on c:\program files\chatspace\Community Server\CSServer\Programs\chatspace.exe

open that exe within Restorator 2007.

now ull see many folders the first one is bitmaps

locate under bitmaps the res file 141.

now make a bitmap file in ur paint program as a logo.

click the file broswer tab and locate the bitmap you made drag it into the bitmap folder on the left then

right click it and goto Res files and save it then drag it into there again ull see it at the bottom drag that
res file upto 141 and drop it on it to change it.

doing this ull have a new control panel logo. u can also change the dialogs and strings to make it say
or match the wording for your chatspace server. once you done editing these close the program.

now goto C:\Program Files\ChatSpace\Community Server\CSServer\Data\Images

you can edit any of these files to match what you want your webbased applet to look like

now to move onto the java applet.

goto C:\Program Files\ChatSpace\Community Server\CSServer\Data\Java\images.
here is the img files that show up in the applet. u can change these to how ever you want.

also you can add other sounds and emoicons to you chat by going to the following folder

C:\Program Files\ChatSpace\Community Server\CSServer\Data\Java\graphics

the sound files u can convert 2 aiff and rename ext. to au.

make the sounds are short else the applet will lag.

the start the server and test your interface and adjust what is needed to be fixed.

after some practice you will have your own modded chatspace server.

remember the limit to what you can do here is all in your head.