jip Completes Cryptography/Steganography Cracking Contest 2011

jip is the first person to complete our 2011 Cryptography/Steganography Cracking Contest 2011. As a result, he has won the contest. Will anybody else complete the contest before January 01, 2012? I hope that somebody does, but I have a feeling that jip will be the only one. Please join me in congratulating him on this accomplishment. Out of the current 3,000+ downloads of the recovered.rar - jip is the only one to complete the contest (as well as get past Mission 2). Special thanks to the Defcon hacking convention for promoting our contest on Facebook.

We Are Now On The New Server

As the news post says, we are now on the new server. Please let us know if you encounter any problems so that we can get them fixed immediately. Our first order of business on the new server is the restoration of the web IRC client. This should happen at some point before December 30th. Watch for the news post Smile

Happy Holidays - New Server Ahead

Happy holidays to all of our community. As we stated in a previous news post, we were going to be switching to a new server in December. The time has finally come! We will be transitioning to the new server tonight and I will be posting a news post when it is complete. We will transition as quickly as possible to avoid down time, but 30 minutes or so is to be expected. We will also be changing our SSL certificate. Due to the server transition, we will have less holiday releases than usual - but we are still planning a few.

Also please note that I am a bit backed up on contest emails. Will get all of the contests updates published very soon after the server move.

Programming Competition - Supplemental

We still haven't received any submissions to the contest. In hopes to bring in more participants, SoldierX is releasing some supplemental code that will make things a little easier. The programming contest now comes with a Battle Arena package that contains an example Battle Arena that is very similar to what will actually be run at the end of the contest, as well as 2 very simple example bots. We hope this will encourage participation. Check out the contest for more information.

jip Completes Mission 2 of SX Cryptography/Steganography Cracking Contest 2011

Normally I would not make a news post for somebody completing a part of a contest, but the SX Cryptography/Steganography Cracking Contest 2011 has proven to be our most challenging contest yet. Out of the current 2,302 contestants - only one has made it beyond Mission 2. That person is jip. Congratulations, jip - you are in the lead! If nobody completes the contest, then the winner is whoever completed the most missions. The first person to complete the contest gets $100 + VIP + Shirt. If only one person completes the contest, then an additional large prize will be granted. Come on people, there's not much time left!

Was The GCHQ "Can You Crack It" Contest Too Easy For You?

Think can you crack it was too easy? Try the SX Cryptography/Steganography Cracking Contest 2011. Three months and not a single person has completed the challenge! I've decided to up the stakes a bit - first person to solve this challenge gets $100. We will also still be offering a large (yet to be disclosed) prize if only one person is able to complete the challenge. So if you do complete it, I would advise against telling anybody how you did it Wink

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