sn4ggl3 Replaces Amp As Presidential Adviser In The High Council

sn4ggl3, a mysterious hacker from SX's past, has decided to return to the group as the Adviser to RaT. This position was previously held by Amp who helped SX break away from the previous path that was set by Durandal and Origin. This decision has been made to take SX back to its roots, with a stronger focus on software development (SX Labs). After sn4ggl3 conquered the security world, he got into more complex topics such as advanced data mining and artificial intelligence. He has decided to bless us by leading our labs and advising group decisions. Normally there is a long process for somebody to work their way up from Inductee to High Council, but sn4ggl3 is simply resuming his old position in the group. Any member can come out of retirement at any time, although previous positions are not guaranteed. Amp's new position will be that of enforcer - meaning that he will enforce high council decisions to SX members, SX inductees, and regular site members.

SX Is Spreading Like Wildfire

September was a great month. We broke records in terms of visitors, posts, new memberships, shirt sales, amazon book sales and new inductees. The high council has finally pushed a new system that has had amazing results in terms of organization and member productivity. I would like to give a big thanks to all of our contributing crew and regular site members, without all of you this growth would not have been possible. Now that things are moving forward, let's keep things moving forward! We can always use more contributing crew members, so consider joining SX. We really appreciate our regular members as well, so keep coming back and keeping our forums strong like you have been. If you know of somebody that might be interested in SX, please refer them to the site.

Writers Needed For The Hacker Database (HDB)

We are in need of a few good people who like researching and writing about hacker history. The majority of our members are currently occupied with coding/hacking/reversing projects so we are hurting in terms of HDB updates. We have many links and information about hackers who are not currently listed, we just do not currently have the resources to sort through and post it all. If you would like to contribute to the HDB, please contact RaT asap.


A few months ago, we asked if people would be interested in seeing the past flash work that was done for this site. Based upon this response, I have made them available as the start of a new Project that I am calling Yesteryear. (Located at Based upon the response, there may be more additions to this project which will give some insight to the past of SoldierX.

New Neophyte's Guide Added To The Site

Kayin has taken the old Neophyte's Section (circa 2001) and rewritten it for 2009. You can view it by click here. If there's anything you'd like to see added, please feel free to leave a comment. This is part of a push to help people get started in our area of computers. Thanks to everybody who has been posting useful information to the forums and a special thanks to those supporters who have bought shirts from us last month. Our next big focus is to get a few solid projects released via SX Labs. We would also like to welcome Amp back from his trip to Bosnia.

Site Forums Upgraded For Flexibility

Our forums are now upgraded so that all of the replies in a thread stay at the left (flat) instead of being threaded (move to the right). This should make them much easier to read and make them more like standard forums. We have also configured the forums to allow you to set your own preferences for how you want to view them. If you want them to be the old way, simply go to the bottom of the page in any active topic and change the "comment viewing options". Hopefully this makes everybody's viewing experience a little better and helps with popular topics like the demonoid invite request topic. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to make this site easier for everybody to use.

*NOTE* is a great topic to use for testing your viewing options and choosing the one that you like the best.

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