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I'm sick of having to resort to file sharing methods to get the song/movie/video/etc that I want.

I stopped doing that a long time ago. Instead I've resorted to stealing them manually off sites like youtube, google video, hulu, myspace music, etc..

Viewing streaming media via the web requires a transfer of the media to your computer. There's no way around that, it has to happen. Hijacking that feed, recording it and then converting it is a tedious process to do manually. I want to make this easier.

That's what Junkie does.

Unlike other applications like a youtube downloader which basically comes with a pre-defined list of website streaming sources. Junkie looks at the actual data stream that is transmitted from the server to your machine and records it. This means you can save any video, any audio, any download stream off any site anytime regardless of how the server changes. This means there's no easy way to prevent this method.

Where I'm going to struggle is the file conversion. Most all flash video is transmitted via FLV. I need to be able to convert that to a friendlier Mp3 format. Adding video to the mix increases the complexity.

What I need
I need code to do these file type conversions. I don't need programs to do it - I need code. If they're open source then that may help a little but ultimately I need friggin code. The first version will probably just have a button that says 'use mplayer or vlc player'

Custom End to End encryption is a problem. SSL isn't so much an issue, I have a way to get around that but it definitely won't be implemented the first version. If anyone has any thoughts on end-end encryption do let me know. We can discuss that.

I also need to know if this is something that you all would be interested in using. If it is then I won't write it just for myself. This means it'll actually have a 'more understandable' UI.

And of course if anyone wants to get in on this and help let me know. Get in contact with me via Aim, Email, IRC, post, whatever. I WILL be coding this. I've wanted it myself for too long.

Thoughts / Comments ?

Has this already been done? I'd like to not waste time on a problem that's already solved.