Free Stuff for FREE!

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Man i loooooove free shit. I mean anything really, even if its something small, like samples and stuff, i love em. But there so hard to find on the internet. I went to that Emergen-C website the other day because they promise to send you one of each of there product as a sample for absolutely free. No paying shipping, no signing up, just give them an address to send it to and they take care of the rest. I sent one combo pack to my dad's and another to me. I'll let everyone know when/if it actually comes in. WITH THAT, I wanted to ask, there are several websites alleging they give out samples of there products for free which is excellent if your a new product, to get it out there to the public and let people at least try it, plus it looks good for the company giving away something for free, being as it is today, "nothing is for free", if anyone knew of any sites that actually give away free stuff? free samples? hell I'd even maybe pay a FEW bucks shipping (defeats the whole purpose of my post really) if it was worth my while. Everyone please let me know. Thanks.