Nationalized Health Care-something everyone needs to know about

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Ok-I don't care either way if we get nationalized health care either way. There is pros and cons to both sides, you know the drill. This is a debate topic, so don't flame me down cause it looks as if Im supporting a side, because the only side I am supporting is the side that spreads knowledge. There is only one problem that I have with this current health bill being proposed in the senate-the 2000+ page document is being kept secret- from all except those in the senate. I don't know about you, but somethin smells stank to me. I was speaking with my father on the subject, and while he thinks that they wouldn't even let the hardcopy itself be on a computer system, I think otherwise. Think about it. Whats the easiest way to type up a 2000 page document, and keep on updating it with every senate session. With a laptop. Do you really think that every senator is going to hold the papercopy of each new version in his lap when he goes into session? No, hes going to view it i his text editor on his computer at home. And while their are a couple ways of transferring large files without using FTP(secure military channels), and of course the USB flash drive- that still has the senator having it on his computer at home...which he looks at porn with-of course-online. Anyone catching my drift here? Many of you might think so what? Well, what if there was a provision in there that suddenly allowed the government to insert a microchip into you to "monitor" your health-yeah right. There is a RFID tag in that microchip 100%- that is if there is that provision. Im not one to shout and lable definite, or so-called "conspiracy" theories. However, I am a cautious individual. As a nation we need to see whats inside that document. This involves every single one of you, that is, all those that are in the US, and are citizens. Why do you think Obama just authorized the creation of a civilian militia? Some of you might refute the connection, however as my dad noted, the US army is not allowed to operate against its own civilians in the United States. How much you want to bet that with the creation of a civilian militia that they are. In any case, that document needs to be found, and brought out into view. I think all of you know what this means. I will see what I can do, however I know that there are those out there that are much much better than I, and I petition to those. this isnt a partisan issue, it is one that is singular, and important to every individual of the US.