Custom Firmwares for psp

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Hi guyz! ^^

Anybody here is a tough decryptor for Custom firmwares? there's been a lot fake CFW since sony tightened its Official firmwares, the newest one is 6.20 i think? XD there's a slight difference in the way of they encrypt the firmwares that i can't think off...

and also, there seems to be exploit found on official firmware 6.20 that works on all PSP models including the PSP GO. The developer of it is already working on the eLoader that could potentially the PSP homebrew applications is back.

oh and by the way, did any of you guyz got the copy file for CFW 6.20-MAD? it's rumored to be faked..but i don't know whether its fake or not because i didn't have the copy yet, so if any of you guyz out there who have the copy already, would you mind to tell me if it's fake or not? thanks in advanced! ^^

I'm also wondering, i want to post some images too here, but i can't seem to worked them out..

Anyways, somebody here that will gladly to help on the CFW?
Thanks in advanced!

You guyz are the best,
Thanks a lot. ^^