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Hi everyone,

I see lots of really smart people here so i believe y'all can offer me some good advice. It has always been tough for me to find my niche in school. I took CS classes and the entry level C++ just bored me to tears. I did not see the relevance of learning to write "Hello world!" programs to furthering my eventual goals of penetration testing and/or maybe OS programming (which as far i know is not subject taught in my home state). Most people frown on me when i disclose my eventual goals, equating me to nothing more than a criminal. I want to hack, and not become some uninvited cracker into other people's system. I am not knocking those who do, after all, a man's got to eat! I just don't have the guts to do some wrong to do more right. So here is my issue, what should I do? Turn to the Dark Side? Become self taught, and accompany with whatever degree, or should i set out on degree track while learning other skills on the side. How much programming should i learn, and what languages? OS's, hardware, networking skills also seem essential, suggestions? So fire away my guru friends, i need the advice...