Pandora and Facebook redirecting to Myspace?

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The past week I have had both of my Windows desktops and my Macbook redirect me to Myspace whenever I try and visit either Facebook or Pandora. I know it is redirecting me because Pandora will almost completely load and then it redirects me to Myspace saying that I did not log in correctly. I have not owned a Myspace account in about 2 years, so I don't really know why it is doing this. At first, I thought it was some kind of redirect being placed in the code of Pandora's site, but then I get to work and try it out and it doesn't do it. Has anyone else seen this problem before? I am afraid that my girlfriend got some kind of trojan past my antivirus software on my Windows machines, but it is weird that it is doing it on my Macbook as well. If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do (short of reinstalling my OS), please let me know.

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