S2 Gladiator Rogue For Sale

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I realize I should have sold this account a LONG LONG time ago as I haven't played since the end of season 2.

The primary character is a level 70 undead rogue in the bloodlust battlegroup and currently resides on a high population realm. I just recently found the login credentials and was somewhat surprised to find that they still worked. The account is currently inactive.

The only reason I would contemplate buying this character (if I was you) is attributed to the fact that it has a S2 gladiator mount, a badass armored dragon. As far as I'm aware, this is the fastest mount in the game coming in at 310% travel speed. His gear is basically the shit when it comes to PVP, but, as much has changed with the release of multiple expansions and increased level cap, his gear is now obsolete for end-game (level 80) PVP and PVE.

If anyone is interested, reply to this forum topic and I'll get back to you. I do not have any particular price in mind, it'd just be nice to know someone else is enjoying this character as much as I once did. If necessary, I can post screen shots (assuming I can find some).

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