cracking a game

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me and many others are in despreate need of a crack for a game sorry if this is not appropriate or if it gets me baned but i was wondering if anyone could help crack the game modern warfare 2 multiplayer, it has been cracked before on ver 1.66,1.72, 1.74, 1.75, 1.80, 1.82 but 184 has been XORed or encrypted and the server also has more built in security and you get messages like disconnect from steam and connectin to IWnet, the main cracker for this game, parovoz, isnt going to crack it again till they get a certain emulator to work that emulates IWnet heres the project website (sry for the profanity) and i dont think thatll be for a while, i can wait but i love soldeirx and was wondering if anyone could help there alot of ppl waiting for this crack and thought maybe you guys could help(if its even possible. I have the orginial files i dont want to post them here but if i get a request i will.

thanks and again sry if this is not alowed