About getting mad

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I am sure all of us here at SoldierX have gotten mad for one reason or another. Whether it be because someone was flaming your post or whether someone said, asked, or did something you felt was stupid or wrong and it pissed you off. Why are we really getting mad over trivial things? There are many other times that I am sure we have had similar things happen to us that would have made us mad but we just overlooked it. Why not save your breath and just say "whatever man" or something along those lines and be done with it. If someone is purposely making you mad just to get a reaction, why even give them the time of day? All they want is for you to be mad. So don't say a word to em, let it lay. The strategy for trolls works for firestarters too. words are a waste of time, thought and energy when they are not used to impart knowledge and wisdom, or help and encouragement. resulting in something positive. i know this post is Idealistic but really think about it. Aren't we all better than that? Isn't SoldierX the one place a n00b can go and not get flamed really bad? Let us keep our reputation.

Rant/Motivational speech over.

What is the point behind knowledge if it is not being applied, and in a productive manner?