My view of file sharing

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And God said, "Let the protocols bring forth swarms of different files, and let all avis (and mp3s) flow freely above the web across the firmaments of the ftps."
So God created all the great repositories, and the huge blind databases and every existing file that anyone can easily collect, with which the hardisks filled, and even burst outward, according to their kinds, and not only every music was gathered, according to its kind, but any poor student in any far away poor land could now study using at no monetary cost a free virtual library as good and mighty as those that previously existed only in the lands of the powers that be. And God saw that it was good. Urca! Woah!
And God blessed them files, saying, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the web in the depths, and let knowledge flow freely and let all works that have been digitised multiply on the earth once for all, despite the preposterous claims of the beastly commercial patent holders"

What is the point behind knowledge if it is not being applied, and in a productive manner?