WGA crack

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Hey guys, I'm new to the site, so hopefully this is the right place to ask this question or bring this up. My computer recently downloaded and installed the new Windows Genuine Advantage that was released on March 29th 2010. I think it's version or something like that. So now obviously I cannot download any updates, and the annoying notification is popping up constantly. I am currently running
a Gateway FX 6500 series
Windows 7 Ultimate build 7600
64 bit intel 2.6 GHz i7 core processor
And to answer the obvious, yes I have checked torrents and I've Google'd this for a while, and tried the "cracks" that were out there but they were all unsuccessful. Most of them are cracks for Windows XP, and the few I've seen for Windows 7 64 bit like i said just didn't work. So if anyone can help, I'd certainly appreciate it.