Xm Radio

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Hello all,

Dont know if I am posting this in the right thread, but this seemed the best choice.
Ok I was thinking the other day(very dangerous of me). How cool would it be to know how a xm radio works. I am looking for any info on this topic and not coming up with many knowledgeable refrences yet!
My key intrests are how the data is transfer and what kind of encyptions the software uses and what software it is and so forth. I would love to one day create a exploit for this .Won't say FREE Xm radio but maybe something like getting a program on the display that connects to internet radio and alows me to search for channels (SX radio back again then in my car on the way to work sounds awsome!)
If anyone knows a direction to point me in that would be amazing.If anyone thinks this is worth the look in to that would be helpful too 4 eyes are better than 2!
Sorry for the not so well veresed idea but had to post