any ways im back for the most part guys

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hey sorry ive been gone for awhile busy with real life shit but im back and i brought something new with me. as i posted earlyer i now run a mmorpg game server i am currently in beta and editing stage im working on a new client for the game so once i have the client made ill post a link for the click as for accounts i dont have anything for that yet but u can pm me or email me or catch me on yahoo if u want a beta testing account which im handing out 10 of those so get them fast. anyways i will edit this post when i get the client on my webserver man im glad to be running a 5mb ul speed connection sometimes it hits about 8 or 9 mb per secs woot. anyways lets see if this will being members to the site more ya? and RaT do me a fav please keep in contact with me cuse when the server goes fully live maybe u can post a link on the website to a gamecp for account creation. as well as tell the members we have a game server anyways i goto. ill be on later and anyone who want to contact me my yahoo is




so if anyone has any questions msg me.

our website and client can be downloaded here
since its my stepdads internet connection me made me name it FireEagle gaming -.- but its still for SX

if u need a beta account let me know ok