Regarding leaving no trace and how to set up my computer

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I'm just starting out.
I had a concern with trying a lot of new things and not being detected while I'm doing it.
How should I set up my computer?
Currently, I have IE7 and FF. With FF I have a few add-ons , e.g., foxyproxy, firebug, refcontrol, tamperdata, Fireforce, live http headers,
and a few more. I've read often that windows is not going to really cut it and that I should have linux installed as well. Should
I have a dual boot situation, Vista and Linux? (It's a amd Turion 64x2, only have like 2 gigs of ram). I'd like to have this laptop
specifically for this 'education'.

Right now, I'm trying to learn to get past some cPanels on vBulletin.
Basically, I've just used google to find some, and I'm playing touchy feelie ...
I am able to recognize the forms for the user/password from viewing the source.
I'm just beginning to learn some javascript ala HTS basic missions. But it's not real to me...because
it's in a totally controlled environment. But, it's been educational I suppose and that and similar sites
are useful. sx is the real dealy though and I'm staying.

Sooner or later this stuff I'm studying regarding the user/password forms is going to make a lot more sense
and I'd like not to have it traced back to my box when I am successful in entering a site. (Question: When using an
IP hider or changer, I've noticed that on a IPB or vBulletin they're detecting the false IP, but when I go to What's My IP,
it picks up the real IP. Why is that?)

What recommendations would you have based on your demonstrated experience.
What do I need for beginning regarding proggies and tools?
Should I install another OS as well? If so, which?

Thank you for your patience and continued support for my endeavours to become a digital locksmith Smile
There's always been a great satisfaction with getting into something I'm not suppose to ... and, if I feel
pissy one day and want to leave a graphic all over someone's site, well, I'd like to be able to do that too.
For starters.

I'm thinking that once I start getting consistently successful with the basics, I can contribute some very well
written and illustrated tutorials so that other noOblets can benefit.

Hard Work, No Bubblegum