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Firefox from it's first install is not giving you the best that it ton thatcould. there is a little tweak you can do to speed up page loading. What we will be doing is enabling Pipelining. Normally your browser will only process one thing at a time and wait till it is fully processed until it moves to the next thing to process, this can slow things down if there is a lot of dynamic content on the pages you are loading. Pipelining allows the browser the ability to begin processing more information before it is done with another, speeding up page loading.

We shall begin by typing about:config into the address bar, typically it comes up with a message about a warranty, you click the button that says you know what you are doing and continue. The next step is to filter out only the entries you wish to modify. type in the Filter box pipe
you should get four things:


Set the first, third and fourth to True

Set the second option at 32

then you want to right click anywhere in that window and go to new > integer

enter into the first box nglayout.initialpaint.delay

enter into the second box 0(zero)

hit the OK button

test it out and see.


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