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Greetings all!

I will be putting Ubuntu 10.04 on an older dual CPU P111 933 that I am resurrecting. As I understand, in the past it has always been advisable to compile the kernel fresh rather than relying on a boot CD for the install as compilation gets a perfect (?) setup for the exact hardware on the system.

Is this still true? I gathered from a forum somewhere that todays new iso's pretty much handle that for you. But will extra perf be garnered still, but a manual compile? Asking because I really don't want to put any more money into the older hardware, but need to squeeze all I can from it.

Or again, is there a different distro recommended for such an application? Was thinking Ubuntu because it probably has the highest chance of seeing and using the pci sata card I've installed into it. Used to use this machine with IDE removable cartridge drives to make swapping OS's easy, but these are running very slow with the old HDDs I have in them.

Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated!


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