Wallpaper Contest - My take on the entries

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For me, It was something of a toss-up between "SX Communist" by FoRM and "Fight For Freedom of Information" by xdevilsownx. I found the former to be a slightly better image overall, but that wasn't the contest. The member's names would look somewhat cluttered as a desktop wallpaper, if mixed with all of the requisite icons. I therefore went with the entry by xdevilsownx. It managed to be clean, minimalistic, and good-looking at the same time. It displays the SoldierX logo in a subtle fashion within a nicely done rendition of the group's name.

That said, my opinions of the rest of the entries follow:

"Taking over the World" by BigTex - General Grievous? Seriously? Other than that, the background was very well done.

"SX" by Nights - Attractive, but the group's slogan looked forced into the image. The large 'SX' in the top left could've used more thought. This one made it past the first cut.

"SX Warrior" by Nights - Again, attractive, but "splitting" the helmet was a bad idea. Perhaps a better image would've included the soldier from "Taking over the world".

"Hacking is No Crime (1-5)" subzz33ro - Some components were very well done, but overall it reminded me too much of an early 90's arcade.

"Network Static" by monomo - A clever idea, but a wallpaper shouldn't hurt your eyes while looking at it. Also, the most polite way of putting my opinion of the "SoldierX" name along the bottom would be "poor".

"SX Alien" by iamERROR - ... I think you're on the wrong kind of site... O_o. On a more serious note, this image tries to encapsulate what SoldierX represents within a single image - and misses.

All entries by Rocket - A few solid contenders here, but throwing a bunch of stuff at a wall and hoping some of it sticks only works when you're trying to paint a wall brown - or exploiting Rat's contest rules. Most of his entries were to busy for a wallpaper, and the rest were copy-paste images with "SoldierX" shoe-horned in somewhere. Despite all that, I did like "SX Cloud" for its retro reimagining of a previous SX wallpaper, "SX Pyramid" for its cleanliness (though lose the circle-thingies at the top), and "Old No § Brand Filter" would be a GREAT idea for a t-shirt!

Let the flames begin...