New Project - MRI Multi-boot from DVD and USB

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Right, here's the thing. Some of you may know I wrote a tutorial on getting MRI to boot from USB using syslinux but I was never happy with the methods used because it also required grub and made it difficult to add extra stuff and required the ISO to be present as well as all the files unpacked (roughly doubling the size) in order for everything to work.

Well enter my new project, a modular multi-boot system that allows you to add the things you want to your own unique disk/USB.

I have already re-written the entire MRI menu in syslinux and made some alterations to the programs to get them all to work and the best thing is with re-write you can easily burn it to DVD, boot it from a USB stick and add other disks/Utilities to your build Smile

I'm going to pack the base with MRI and upload it so everyone can get it (assuming Rat approves of me posting the links) and also write a tutorial if you'd like to do it for yourselves (should work with the latest MRI, though I don't have access to the VIP section Sad to get it because I'm a poor unemployed computer technician)

Also I'd like people to tell me what other stuff they would like to see modules for and I'll do my best to build an add in for them and tutorial on how to do it Smile

If Rat gives me approval to post the links here, I'll upload the full build and share Smile


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