The weirdest thing to happen while working on a machine?

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My job here where I work covers a lot of different things. One of my many duties is jerk-off computer tech support. I've seen some random, off-the-wall, and weird shit in my day, but I'll never forget what happened to me about an hour ago.

We have about 6 laptops specifically designed for what we do here. There is a coworker downstairs who has been having an issue with one of them since last week. What happens is that after a short period of time, the mouse will go haywire and the touchscreen will stop working. There is really nothing I can do other than call the vendor's tech support and go through a bunch of troubleshooting bullshit in hopes that they'll replace it. I called them last week, let them know what was going on, they told me what to do in order to troubleshoot it (swap the drives) and if the problem was still happening they would replace it. Well, to no surprise it happened again and my coworker brought it up to my office.

I get on the phone with tech support again, give them my name, store number, etc... I tell the guy that I was calling about an existing issue, and he looked at the notes and decided at this point we have to swap it out. No surprise. So the only thing left to do is to give him some information he needs about the laptop.

It's sitting right in front of me. So I take it, open up the lid, only to discover that the entire fucking keyboard is COVERED in ANTS.

I'm still a little fuzzy, but I think that I might have stopped mid-sentence while talking on the phone when I opened this thing up. It was the weirdest shit I have ever had to deal with while on the phone with tech support. There was like 45 seconds of silence while I stared at this thing.

So I'm sitting there, trying to work with a laptop swarming with ants, and in the meantime I can't fucking think straight. What the hell do you tell tech support at this point? "Let me call you back, this laptop is infested with ants?"

I manage to akwardly stay on the phone and get what I needed off it without being fucking bitten. I had to kill like 20 of the fuckers that crawled out on my desk, and then take it outside afterwards to shake the rest of them off.

I've seen plenty of akward

distractions with popups, porn, pictures, etc... But nothing like THIS. It's almost like they were purposely planted there.

I need a new job.