MRI wont boot for me

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Well i dont know if its the right place but i'll just lay it here, when i try to boot MRI from my DVD-ROM it boots the menu where you can pick to boot the PE, when i select that it says "WIndows is loading" like it should do then it quits to an error that says that maybe i have a attached DOK or one of the following is broken, DVD drive or my HDD.

Well my HDD is fine i use it normally and nothing is crashing and when i try to load MRI from windows then it loads just fine, it wont let me do the scans though, i dont know if its some kind of virus rootkit or any other stuff like that, i used to use MRI regularilly and never had problems maybe anyone can help me here?

I'll load the exact error tomorrow morning, sorry i wasnt 100% on the error but maybe you can recognize it.

Thanks in advance.