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Just wondering if anyone can tell me what to look for when I am trying to burn an installer disc from some programs I have found on the internet. They are all simple, like vlc media player. I just have friends who are insanely challenged when it comes to technology, and it be nice to just have a disc to give them, they can keep, so i don't have to lend my flash drives. I have the new nero 10 suite, and the programs i want to burn to disc, just need a little insight, like do I need to convert the installer file to any other format? I want to have it pop up in autorun for windows when the disc is loaded into their comp. on a side note, I am also curious if any of you guys have experience with auto gk. I am unsure what kind of file I need to load to the program to convert it. also, anyone know how to designate a folder for the converted file to goto? please excuse my ignorance, but any and all help is welcome.