MRI Tagged drive questions

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I have used the MRI releases and have been wondering how the tagged drive works?

1. Can the new definitions be burned onto the disk and if so how.
2. If they are burned to the disk does that mean the next time you do an update will the update be smaller in size?
3. I saw that Trends updates were not included in the Tag, is it possible to download them also and include them to the disk?
4. If a drive is tagged and you run the disk again will it just overwrite the definitions that have been downloaded before or add to them?
5I also read that you can point the disk to download the definitions from a network and I would like to know how to do that.\

I know there a lot of questions but I searched the forum looking for some of my answers but didn't find them, and was hoping I could get some pointers. Depending on how the tagged drive works I think this would be beneficial to do if it reduces the downloads.