Norton Ghost On USB??? Impossible?

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Ok so ive been using norton ghost to backup any computer i fix just in case i take a wrong turn somewhere along the way lol. ive used many others like the tools on the ultimate boot disc to clone hdd but i think ghost far exceeds anything those tools can do...if im wrong plz tell me and explain to me how they can do more. so my question is: Is there a way to "install/mount" ghost on a usb? that way i dont have to install it every time on different computers. ive done much research trying to run this on a u3 system usb but no success then i tried all the conversion tools to try and help the iso mount on to the usb but again no success. so ive tried asking other sources about this and most just say its impossible do to the fact the program needs the registry files installed into the system to be able to read all the information needed to do a backup but i think its more then that rite? so if it cannot be done i would like to know a summary why so i can learn from it or if a portable app can be accomplished with the greatness of ghost. or better yet if im completely wrong saying ghost is so great then please enlighten me about a better backup software that does not require installation. thanks.

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