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i have figured out some things i needed when working with an autorun file, but theres is one thing i am looking to do that i just don't know how. i have over 60 installers of different programs. i want to be able to either :
1. have the option to select one or more programs to install from the 'autorun' window
2. write a program will display these multiple programs by category with icons and all.

i have the icons, programs, and dev-c++. but i am clueless as to where to start from here. i figured the easiest way to do this would be within the autorun notepad file, but have found no guidance online as to how i can display multiple programs to install. as of right now, i am looking at option 2, hoping i can find a tutorial or base program to work around and get my desired results.

if any has any advice, experience or links, these would be greatly appreciated.

a lowly novice

PS: if any of you guys subscribe or pick up a copy of PC Utilities magazine, the cover disc operates in the fashion in which i would like my program to work. i would copy this disc file for file, however i cannot seem to find the autorun file on the disc