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hey guys,
im new to this forum, but i like it so far. heres what im looking for. some advice. i have found that it is harder to hack an email of someone who knows you than it is a stranger.
a little back ground: my sister in law thinks her husband is cheating, he hides all account info and she know none of it. he done other things also that is off topic but unacceptable. so i am trying to hack his email to spy on his activities.
this is what i have tried:
1. sent phisher for hotmail and facebook(figures usually is same pass) but no go.
2. sent keylogger binded to pic as .exe and zipped, decrypted. nothing. not sure if he just doesnt know how to open it or not. sent instructions on how to open it also. (even though i thought that was supisous)
3. started new email account at hotmail that resembles a trusted contact of his, that is how i sent the emails so he wouldnt think something was up.
4. use ip scanner to see if he has open ports(139 and 23) then tried to telnet. seems they are not open. or i did it wrong or something would not work.
5. tried to send link to file so he could download it and run. still nothing.
so i am out of ideas. the problem is that they are not trusting each other and on verge of divorce. they are doing stupid things to each other. so i think he is suspicous of everything.
does anyone have any ideas on what else i could try. like i said, he knows me, so i have to make sure it isnt connected to me in any way.
this is just alot harder than hacking strangers.

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