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So thought this might make you all chuckle- My boss called me the other day asking me what it meant when the monitor said 'No Input...' Knowing him, I started by asking if his computer was turned on. He said it was, so I went into the basic Q/A's about cords and such. He kept telling me everything was plugged in and on. Finally, 20 mins later, I had to go back to the original question- was the computer on? He told me that it was, he swore all the green lights were blinking and the light by 'Internet' was solid. I took a deep breath and explained to him that what he was looking at was his Internet router and the computer was the box under his desk about knee high. Next thing I hear is a 'Oh, nevermind it just came on' and he hung up the phone. I am still perplexed on how he had traced the DVI cable to the back of the computer and still thought his router was his computer. This is what I deal with everyday. Cheers!

Leviticus 26:1 you f'in hypocrite